• Mike, here are 3 companies I recomend for your review (with Salary notes).

     by Darius and Company


  • Exclusively comp packages, found no where else, even direct...just for Mike Puchyr!


  • Interesting Company that I like very much.

    Founded 25 years ago.

    (Go to About: Check Out the 2 min video: Meet the team.)


    Straight Forward Commissions + Power Player


    USA Regional Player - $700 Million in Sales


    What I like about RIM is that I have several freinds that work there, and they absolutely love it. Family oriented because it is. Robert Mueller ie RIM is the owner, Brandan the son.


    Service I hear is EXCELLENT, and TEAM ORIENTED. Meaning when you are getting business they are all in it together to get the business. I had a couple of candidates I got $200K for them, they would not leave RIM. That should tell you a lot.


    They PAY very well, not cheap at all.


    Global Footprint (not large)


    Own warehouses up to 100k sqft in ORD, LAX, etc ...they mean business and try to control the service, so in addition to owning the warehousing they also....


    Pay 1% commission to what I hear is a VERY motivted account management team.


    Commission 6% after 1x, NO SUNSET.


    Lately they have been wining a lot larger accounts too.


    Go to About: Check Out the 2 min video: Meet the team.


    My guess here is $150K+ base.

    ONE OF MY TOP RATED CLIENTS OUT OF 400 (maybe even #1)


    First Incorporated in 1474. (can you believe that?)


    Rate #ONE (1) Employer in the United States.


    Scholarships Awarded in Logistics for Employees


    7,000 Employees and over 165 Branches Worldwide


    FTL, Door to Door, and of course the best in Ocean and Air.


    There is a reason Gebruder Weiss is called the GOLD team.


    With flat management, access to the CEO, quick turnaround (like a 50,000 sqft warehouse in LAX in under 30 days), you can act and move quickly, yet be global.


    Top commissions with NO SUNSETS up to 8-9%. One of the best in the industry.


    Salary guess is $135,000 base salary, or $125,000 with a bridge of $40K-$60K for 6 - 9 months. BUT great commissions, and team.




    Do you need Literally the best pricing for your customers?


    Are your clients in the spot market?


    Then this is your company, with 11 people in the pricing team that deliver you pricing with lightening speed, you never lose a deal.


    Commissions of 10%, NO SUNSET! 2X.


    Recently NTG purchased Aries Global out of JFK. Frank the CEO is still running USA NTG. He is all about getting the reps the best possible pricing.


    NTG can pay up, but they will expect results quickly, ie the more you get paid, the larger the target. So if productions ramping up is easy, great place for pay and commissions.


    It's a put your money where your mouth is place, with great comp.


    There is a potential to be Branch Manager here with profit share. Let's chat.


    However, if you just to sales I am going to guess $120-130K but fab commission.